Dr. Davis Thekkekara  - Director

A wedding lasts only one day, but marriage for the rest of life. When a couple get married, it has been said that both go back to school again, the school of marriage. They begin to learn, to learn to love each other in a deeper way. It is something that is learned and that the couple becomes better as they share thier married life together. Becoming one means loving each other, sharing their lives with each other, and taking each other into consideration always. Becoming one means getting rid of all selfishness because there is no room for selfishness in marriage. If selfishness is rooted or creeps in later on, it is sure to cause problems.

If God blesses the marriage with children then the children are taken into condsideration in all that the couple do. This is not only a union of two persons but also two families, two cultures and two ways of thoughts. Only mutual respect, understanding and love will lead a matrimonial union into an eternal bond. Thus marriage becomes a school of love. When two people get married they bring with them normal man's weaknesses and discover weaknesses in the other which previously they did not know. So married life is an opportunity to love the other, heal the other, and forgive the other. There are times when like at the wedding at Cana it will seem as if the wine really has run out, times when they forgive each other and make a fresh start. For that reason marriage is described as a school of forgiveness. Catholicasabha matrimony aims in searching out ideal catholic partners. Faith is an important element in the process of bringing up of children and generation. The faith of the parents is actually imparted to their children. And also It is an urgent need now to give importance to the catholic faith than money and job, in the search of life partners.

Fr. James Inchodikkaran - Asst.Director

In the sacrament of marriage the bride and the bridegroom take each other's hands as they exchange their vows. This giving of their hands to each other is a sign of the reality of God's love and Christ's love for the Church The marriage is a sacrament and is a celebration of the love of God. Often we don't believe strongly enough that God loves us and wants us to be intimate with each of us. But God really wants to be intimate with each of us and marriage is a symbol of this desire of God to be intimate with each of us. In the sacrament of matrimony the man will bring the love of God to woman and the woman will bring the love of God to man.

It is no wonder they both say, ": What God has made is indeed very good". Every time we receive a sacrament, it is a meeting with God, symbolized by some sign, which brings grace for the rest of the life. How much grace? That is partly up to each person and family that is why the sacrament that is received will have an ongoing effect on ones our lives. Catholicasabha Matrimony aims at bringing together man and woman to a perfect and permanent marital relationships.

Fr. Jijo Pidiyath - Asst.Director

In the book of Genesis, we see the illustrations on the creation of man and women. the man was lonely and unfulfilled even though he was able to talk to God in the Garden of Eden. He only experienced fulfillment when God created woman and united him with the woman. We can hear man's great joy when he said, This one, at last, is bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; This one shall be called 'woman', for yout of 'her man' this one has been taken (Gen 2,23)

In these times when marriage is under attack in many ways, let us hold high God's plan for marriage as our Pope John Paul II said about marriage "Believe in the spritiual power which this sacrament of Jesus Christ gives to strengthen the marriage union, and to overcome all the crises and problems of life together. Married people must believe in the power of the sacrament to make them holy; they must believe in their vocation to witness through their marriage to the power of Christ's love" I wish every success to those persons who search their life partner through Catholicasabha Matrimony.