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Catholicasabha magazine is a bold venture taken by late Fr. Antony Anthikatt in the field of media and gospel proclamation in the year -1970. This monthly aims at to educate the catholic faith and Christian values to the catholics and non catholics. In the year 2008 Mar Andrews Thazhath the present Archbishop of Trichur made, this magazine as the official monthly news and views bulletin of the Archdiocese. It received a format and nature of a newspaper.

Being the official monthly Newspaper of the archdiocese, it reaches 93,000 families of the Archdiocese and more than 20,000 families in all over India. It has the motto that "the truth will liberate" taking inspiration from the Gospel of St. John (8,12). These words take this media into fearless and courageous proclamation of the word of God in the present society. Within three years, its circulation has grown upto 1,25,000 copies per month. Its political and social interfearances have instigated many young catholics to respond to their rights and duties.

In all through last three years, Catholicasabha defended the minority rights of the christian community in India and especially in Kerala. Now it became an urgent need to begin an internet matrimonial service since a number of people come to the office in need of publishing their profile through the magazine. Since the catholic community migrated and scattered in the various parts of the world they may come together in catholicasabha media services for the various spiritual and the material needs of various reasons.

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